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Techmech Engineers was established in 1985 in Bangalore as an electrical goods distribution firm. We started with a small portfolio and soon diversified by entering into strategic partnerships with international companies such as Schneider Electric, C&S, Hensel, Prok dv’s, Control4 etc.

In 2005, we took a step into the world of Home Automation and Lighting and Controls. We develop and integrate a complete suite of solutions that redefines the modern age Home and Commercial Automation. We cohesively addresses lighting controls, audio/video, video door phone, cctv system, intrusion system, digital door lock needs of today’s most advanced environments.

The Cisco building at Cessna Tech park, Bangalore is one of our major achievements. Covering 9 buildings, a club house and a 7- storey car park across 1.2 million sq ft, the Cisco R&D centre is India’s first intelligent building. It completely integrates iBMS, CCTV, Lighting and access controls, plus security, fire alarm and power monitoring systems. In addition to installation, we are also maintaining the system since 2008. We are proud to state that we are their topmost service provider amongst several vendors.

In 2009, our presence was established in Chennai to diversify our business into new products and geographical locations. This branch has seen immense growth, with prestigious orders from five star hotels such as ITC Park Sheraton, ITC Grand Chola, Leela Palace, SRM Hotels etc.

Now we have newly opened a branch office in Mysore as we are getting many opportunities to establish the business.

Through the hard work and dedicated efforts of the entire team, we have achieved a high reputation amongst most major electrical contractors, construction companies and architects. This 32 year old successful journey has culminated in us being the NUMBER 1 System Integrator for Schneider Electric over the last 10 years and also their LARGEST distributor in South India.

Hospitality is “the act of being friendly and welcoming to guests and visitors”. Venues, such as hotels, spas, restaurants, bars and clubs, make it their primary business to be hospitable. Technology can assist by providing the customer with added comfort and convenience, and the venue with energy-savings, enhanced security, and the simple management of systems from a centralised location.

What makes the perfect guestroom? It’s an environment that makes your guests feel at home, whether they’re local travellers or visiting from afar. It’s an environment where you can personalize their experience with a welcome message displayed in their room, in their native language. It’s a room where your guests are greeted with a comfortable temperature and can enjoy simple room control to create exactly the ambience they want. It’s a room with no complexities, just pure delight and gratification. It’s a room where every detail has been attended to, where each one of its elements contributes to the guest experience. This includes enjoying advanced technology such as temperature and lighting control, digitization, and multimedia experiences — all with a solution that complements your hotel through elegance, sophistication, and customization. Schneider Electric guestroom management solutions help you deliver all of this with powerful smart room controllers that offer multi-language support and elegantly designed products that blend beautifully with your decor negative effect of devices that are commonly left idle such as televisions, air conditioners, lights, fans, and chargers.
Enhance guest services. Guestroom management improves staff productivity on behalf of your guests. Staff can easily see when rooms are unoccupied. The front desk can prepare room settings while guests are checking in and understand the room environment when they receive a call from the guest. Provide a safer environment.The engineering team can start managing the entire property, whether they are on- site or remote. With alarm notification, they become much more responsive and can act before the guest is even aware of a problem. With trending and reporting, they can be more proactive with equipment maintenance and ensure the best continuity of services for the property. Achieve simplicity and sustainability at the same time:Full visibility of your energy use will enable you to improve operations and reduce costs while increasing guest control and comfort. Through our simple yet powerful guestroom management solutions, you can remotely monitor and control HVAC, lighting, and metering systems to ensure your hotel is always operating at peak performance. Improve revenue and brand awareness:Leverage the intelligent features of our solution to increase sales as well as your brand recognition. For example, display an invitation on the room controller in each guestroom for happy hour in the lounge. Or proudly display your logo as the standby image to promote your hotel’s brand
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