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Techmech Engineers was established in 1985 in Bangalore as an electrical goods distribution firm. We started with a small portfolio and soon diversified by entering into strategic partnerships with international companies such as Schneider Electric, C&S, Hensel, Prok dv’s, Control4 etc.

In 2005, we took a step into the world of Home Automation and Lighting and Controls. We develop and integrate a complete suite of solutions that redefines the modern age Home and Commercial Automation. We cohesively addresses lighting controls, audio/video, video door phone, cctv system, intrusion system, digital door lock needs of today’s most advanced environments.

The Cisco building at Cessna Tech park, Bangalore is one of our major achievements. Covering 9 buildings, a club house and a 7- storey car park across 1.2 million sq ft, the Cisco R&D centre is India’s first intelligent building. It completely integrates iBMS, CCTV, Lighting and access controls, plus security, fire alarm and power monitoring systems. In addition to installation, we are also maintaining the system since 2008. We are proud to state that we are their topmost service provider amongst several vendors.

In 2009, our presence was established in Chennai to diversify our business into new products and geographical locations. This branch has seen immense growth, with prestigious orders from five star hotels such as ITC Park Sheraton, ITC Grand Chola, Leela Palace, SRM Hotels etc.

Now we have newly opened a branch office in Mysore as we are getting many opportunities to establish the business.

Through the hard work and dedicated efforts of the entire team, we have achieved a high reputation amongst most major electrical contractors, construction companies and architects. This 32 year old successful journey has culminated in us being the NUMBER 1 System Integrator for Schneider Electric over the last 10 years and also their LARGEST distributor in South India.

Any commercial building regardless of its scale can take advantage of the unique features offered by Schneider Electric Commericial solutions. For a commercial building of any type one of the key considerations in the implementation of an automation system is the cost savings that may be achieved. In an average commercial building lighting and HVAC account for around 70% of the total energy consumption. This enormous percentage represents a vast amount of capital, as well as a large detrimental environmental impact. If Schneider Electric solutions are used in a commercial building energy savings of at least 30% can be made. This would in due course result in substantially reduced operational costs, and enable a considerable reduction in the buildings environmental impact. Features Scheduling: Lights automatically turn off or are dimmed at certain times of the day or based on sunrise or sunset. Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing: Automatically turning lights off when people vacate the space. Multi-level Lighting/Dimming: Proving users one or more light levels than full-on and full-off. Daylight Harvesting: Automatically adjust light levels based on the amount of daylight in the space. High-End Tuning: Set target light level based on occupant requirements in the space. Personal Light Control: Allow users in the space to select the correct light levels for the desired task. Controllable Window Shades: Allows users to control daylight for reduced solar heat gain and glare. Demand Response: Reducing lighting load at times of peak electricity pricing. Plug-load Control: Automatically turning task lighting and other plug loads off when they are not needed. System Integration: Enabling multiple systems to share information and control each other to minimize product installed and maximize overall system performance. Mobile access: Thanks to the web-based interface all building functions can be monitored and controlled via Laptop,Tablet PC and Smartphone. This way all functions can be tracked from everywhere, whether the Metering at a glance Current water, gas and electricity consumption can be checked as well as date recorded on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Comparison charts with historical data help to identify saving potentials and show abnormal consumption. Scheduler: Schedules for all building functions can be set thanks to the integrated time Scheduler/calendar function Maintenance information: All maintenance information (e.g. status or lifetime of lamps) can be displayed. Alarms will bring malfunctions, like broken lamps, and shows which LMS module is failed to the maintenance managers attention. This makes it easy and time-saving to plan as well as to realise the maintenance works where necessary Good overview and intuitive operation: All settings, whether on floors or in single rooms, can intuitively be controlled and adapted thanks to plain icons. All information visible at one site, all building functions can be controlled and managed via one interface.
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