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TECHMECH ENGINEERS was established by two professional engineers in 1985. The firm started with electrical contracts in Karnataka state. We started with a small turn over and gradually diversified into distribution of contactors for Telemecanique France. By hard work and dedicated efforts the young team brought very high reputation amongst major manufacturers. Systematically new products in related field were brought into the fold. The firm enjoys very high market reputation and the turn over for the last financial year stands at 8.4 crores double the previous year.

The experience spans from contracts to making high quality control panels and also providing technical solutions to the needs of the industry. Recently the company is providing solution for Bus Bar trucking and major industries are switching from conventional system to bus bar trucking system. The technical know how and close coordination with overseas supplier is maintained.

After years of experience, the firm developed a Security Beat Monitoring System called PaTrack using the latest RFID technology conforming to ISO 14443A. This system uses smart tags, with read-write capability. They are ideally suited for Beat Patrol Monitoring Systems. With their built-in memory, they render themselves useful for multiple applications in the future.

In House Product : PaTrack
This is a unique product which is developed by us for exclusively for Chennai City Police which replaces the conventional Beat Book System which is in force for several decades i.e. The Guard carries a RFID READER which will read the passive tags which will indicate the time and date of the Patrolling Officer who has visited the particular point which is pre-determined.

Design and fabrication of Control panels.
We are making control panels right from design stage to completion, testing and after sales service. The control panels are going as OEM for multi national companies. The panels are manufactured using Polycarbonate enclosures form Hensel Electric India Pvt Ltd. in our sister company M/s Techmech Controls, Bangalore.

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